My Personal Style


I thought I would make the topic of ‘style’ a whole page on my website as I had too much to say on the matter (instead of just slipping it into the ‘about me’ or ‘FAQ’ section).
Seeing as ‘style’ is one of the key words in my blog name I thought I would give my own take on what it means to me and hopefully let you guys know a little more about how I value and view my own personal sense of style.

1.Describe your style

I have actually got asked this question a lot since I started blogging and I actually find it such a hard one to answer (although it should be so easy!). One day I will be on show in a cute, silky pink dress and heels and the next I could be in an over sized hoodie and trainers, so how am I meant to put that into one category of style? Truth is, I can’t and thats okay. In life I like to think of myself as being an open minded sort of person when it comes to places, friendships and experiences and it’s the same when it comes to what I wear. I Guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no such thing as ‘not Emma’. I like to try new looks and mix things up. Colour is always very Important to me and I will very rarely go a day when I don’t have some sort of colour on. If pushed however to try and narrow down my style I would say it is ‘on trend’, urban and fun.

2.What is your style inspiration?

I find this question a lot easier to answer as there is so much I get inspiration from in every single day. Inspiration for me can come from what I see other people wearing but often it’s more likely to be from being inspired by seeing what others can achieve .I feel really fortunate that I have people around me who do have amazing dreams, ambitions and the work ethic to make it happen. I realise that this may not seem relevant to the question of ‘style’ but let me explain: When I see other people hitting their targets and achieving their goals it makes me think a little bigger, act a little smarter and re evaluate – ‘hold on a minuet- I can dress myself better than that’- and then I do. In terms of people I look up to in the fashion industry- Hailey Baldwin, Nicole Richie and Emily Ratajkowski are some for me with an amazing sense of style.

3. Favourite era for style?

For me, it’s got to be the 60’s- so much colour, fun and experimentation. I would never turn down an invitation to a ’60’s’ themed party.

4.Top 5 wardrobe pieces?

I’ve actually linked some of these on my Shop section of my blog.
1.Burberry Mac
2.Burberry Monogram scarf
3.Black Hat
4.Black Louboutin heels
5.Hermes Bangles

5. Advice on styling?

What we wear is such a personal thing and of course not everyone will be drawn to what I like wearing. We all have different body shapes and skin tones etc but what’s so great about fashion is that there is something for everyone. With out sounding too cheesy, what I will say is wear what you feel most comfortable in and what you think is true to your own personal sense of style. By all means, get inspiration from others and try new things out but make sure you have had a good look in the mirror and would feel confident walking out into the big wide world.