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Normally I start my blog posts going straight in and talking about what I like about my outfit etc but today I want to share something with you first – my leaf necklace. At first glance it may look like I have just matched a cute necklace to go with a cute and delicate outfit but there is much more to this particular necklace than meets the eye. On closer View Post

Letting my personality out


You’ve seen me in camo print quite a lot recently and heard me express my love for orange this season, so it was about time I bought the two together so there’s no big surprise that I am completely in love with this outfit! Starting with the top – such a plain and yet bold top

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Double Denim


It’s been a while since I rocked a shorts look, so what better way to do it than to hit up the classic denim on denim. This is one of those controversial looks- some may love it, some may hate it- but, if like me your obsessed with style, you will know this look totally works! View Post