I just got back from a fun time away in Leeds with The blogger program and the other bloggers and YouTuber’s that they manage. I had never been to Leeds before and I was overwhelmed at how lovely and helpful everyone was up there.

During my time in Leeds, I stayed in the most gorgeous mansion, thanks to Kate and Toms. I don’t think I have ever stayed in a house so big and it certainly made for good photos.

On arrival, I found I  had some goodies on my bed, which were of course very exciting to open. View Post

Malta with Oliver’s Travels

ON2A4373-2ON2A4556-2ON2A4665-2rqwrw-2hdhf-2rqwrq-2aDad-2ON2A4143-2ON2A4786-2ON2A4952-2eyer-2ON2A4003-2How lucky am I? I’ve just got back from the most chilled, beautiful and inspired trip to a tiny Mediterranean island that I’ve got to say I had never previously had heard of. Gozo is Malta’s baby sister – just 20 minutes away by ferry. However, it feels like a lot longer away in terms of development as it quickly becomes apparent that life there seems not to have changed for a long long time. It is only small(they say you are never more than a 10-minute drive to the sea) but all around are reminders of the many cultures that have determined the island from pre-Roman times to the British rule which only ended in 1964. In fact, life is still very ‘British’ friendly – they drive on the left, virtually everyone speaks English and I even did my shopping in a ‘Waitrose’! However what comes across most emphatically is the peace and calm that somehow seems to come from the island life. This was never more apparent than when in the wonderful villa I was given the opportunity to stay in by the lovely people at Oliver’s travels‘. Set secluded in an unspoiled valley that ran down to the see Orchidea was an old Gozoan farmhouse converted to the hight of luxury living.
The rooms – the size of football pitches – had been imaginatively decorated with individually crafted rustic furnishings including four-poster beds fit for any royalty. Outside was the most beautiful pool and around it all (the best bit for me) genuine 360-degree views of the hills and the sea. It could not have been more peaceful, the only sound I could ever hear was the wind.  Life on Gozo is very much an up and down affair – they don’t seem to do flat – the island is a series of hills which once at the top give fabulous views sometimes as far as Sicily 80 Km away. I traveled around and took in some of the sights including ancient Roman salt pans, gorgeous sandy coves and any amount of the most impressive churches. However for me, the great attraction was the timeless quality the island generates, it really felt that parts of it have not changed for thousands of years. Some of the little villages and the agricultural terracing look as though they could be used to illustrate the Bible!
The weather on Gozo is invariably delicious (the next stop south is Africa) and it’s only a 3-hour flight from London. Whats more if you want an easy life I couldn’t recommend Oliver’s Travels more highly, apart from a most professional and efficient website they also provided a concierge service that took care of all the potentially confusing aspects of travel to a new destination including my car hire and ferry bookings. Furthermore, as a very cute gesture, they send all their clients a ‘happy holidays’ gift before leaving home and then again there was another waiting for me when I returned. 
I had such a good time away in Gozo it brought out my poetic side:
Do you like snow? Yes, then give London a go – if its a no – Go Gozo!

Barcelona take 2


Earlier this month on my way back from Marrakech I had a really lovely stop off in Barcelona for the second time this year.  It was super sunny every day that I was there and I even had a chance to Tan a bit. View Post


I’ve just got back from a weeks stay in Marrakesh where I had an amazing time feeling the sunshine, smoking shisha, eating the most wonderful food and enjoying endless cups of Moroccan mint tea. I certainly have some cool spots to recommend to you guys (although you may have already seen a lot of these on Instagram before).

For my first three nights in Marrakesh, I stayed at the Movenpick Hotel. The hotel was absolutely beautiful and the staff was all super friendly and helpful. The hotel had recently undergone a complete refurbishment which translated into so many inspiring places to photograph from and turned out to be perfect for me. ON2A691fhd8-2aef-2fsdfs-2bikini: Tobi

AF-2ON2A66df25-2bikini: Tobi the experience of staying in a five-star hotel, I thought I would try out a Riad to get more of the true Moroccan experience. The first Riad I stayed in was called Riad Johara with it’s beautiful rooftop and lovely views over the old town and Medina. Again, I overloaded on maybe too many cups of Moroccan mint tea but it was the best way to keep cool while sunbathing on what was my hottest days while being in Marrakesh. ON2A8653-2

The second Riad I stayed in was  Riad Adore. This Riad was a lot more modern and spacious in contrast to the more traditional feel of Riad Johara so it was nice to have the experience of the two very different Riads.


While out and about in Marrakesh I  went to La sultana hotel for a yummy lunch. This is one spot I couldn’t recommend enough – the food was amazing and it was so nice eating on a rooftop enjoying the wonderful menu while looking out over the city. The hotel was also great for photo spots. ON2A0231-2ON2A0472-2Overall, I had a great time in Marrakesh and it was fun yet again exploring somewhere new and different. The photo spots and opportunities were endless and it’s a place I will definitely be returning too.



I’ve just got back from a super fun and exciting trip to Barcelona and there goes another city I have fallen in love with! I was there for three days and despite it being February, I was overall really lucky with the weather. After the winter chill of London, it was so nice View Post