Casual, stylish and on trend

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I really enjoyed this shoot as ‘Regent street’ is pretty much my all time favourite London street. For me it’s the perfect place for shopping and yet has a feeling of being  quintessentially and traditionally English – a sort of picture postcard illustration of View Post

Attention Grabber

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What I most love about fashion is that it is forever changing  and always offers a new chance of expression. Right now I am really into anything orange. This is actually my favourite shade of orange, especially as it matches one of my favourite accessories my View Post

London days in June

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So, living in London – one minute it’s sunny and the next it’s raining, even the weather app gets it wrong and it all makes it really hard to plan an outfit for the day. It’s happened before that in the morning I am happy in a tee shirt and then come lunch time I am taking View Post

Festival Chic

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Festival season has arrived!  It may not be quite in full swing but it has begun and in this look I am dressed up for the occasion! At festivals you get to see all sorts of weird and wonderful people and pretty much anything goes, but here I have decided to go really View Post

From average to amazing

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So, the weekend is coming and only a stones throw away and here I am in the perfect weekend dress! I absolutely love the colour, lace and detailing and the way it manages to be sexy and cute at the same time. ‘Body con’ dresses aren’t exactly new or ground View Post