Flashes of gold

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I’ve been trying hard recently to add colour to my wardrobe and so this mustard top is a perfect addition. The material and tie up bow give it a casual feel and yet it wouldn’t take much to transform into a more sophisticated evening blouse.  With my blond hair colouring and  blue eyes mustard is definitely one of my colours and yet it works View Post

Different shades of grey

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Normally when I sit down to write about an outfit my mind goes from the top and just works its way down but in this case I want to go straight in and start talking about  plastic shoes! When new trends come along there is always something of the unknown and my View Post

Calvin Klein for a day

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‘Calvin Klein’ has come along way since its humble beginnings as a New York coat manufacturer in 1968. Nowadays the brand is all pervasive and very much part of the ‘fashion high street’. It’s not a brand particularly high on my wish list and yet it does View Post



I can’t believe I am saying this but this is my first time in a ‘Two-piece’, however I’ve got to say I really enjoyed wearing it!  The best bit for me is the off the shoulder top which is really pretty and something I am definitely going to be pairing with shorts over the summer. Although two-piece outfits look super cute and can be really eye catching they View Post

Hey Harrods

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Harrods’ is very London, and I wish it was my local store. The buildings itself, and its surrounding Knightsbridge streets, are so iconic that it is something I have always waned to include in a blog post. Here I’ve styled this particular look with everything black to draw

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