60’s style

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It’s five decades on from when mini skirts first made their big statement but they are still synonymous with London style and with the summer around the corner I think every girl’s wardrobe should contain a perfectly pretty ‘mini’ .This one helps to make one of the View Post

Leather me up

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There no such thing as a standard ‘little black dress’; they come in all shapes and sizes and this time I’ve gone for a full on leather look. There is nothing specifically remarkable about this dress in terms of its features but its so easy to wear and can be used for most View Post

Green tea, Blue jacket

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So Spring has sprung and with it the inspiration to start adding more colour to my wardrobe. If black tends to be your comfort zone this jacket is a good way to transition from that ‘all black’ look to one with a bit of ‘spring delight’. The jacket also comes View Post

Putting my stamp on things

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I have wanted a Burberry cashmere scarf for ages and since I became a proud owner of one I haven’t been disappointed . I even got the chance to put my stamp on it using my initials! It is and always will be a timeless piece of fashion and has the presence to complete so View Post

Cosy in Cream

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Style is all very well but there’s times when practicality creeps up the list of priorities. With April showers and cold winds swirling around London I want to look good but be warm and toasty as well. This outfit is light and and easy to wear and yet keeps me cosy as View Post