An appearance by Celine

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When I have a Handbag I am in love with like this stylish ‘Celine’  its almost as if I can relax about what else I am wearing and let the Handbag do the talking. Here I have styled it with with a dress of one solid block colour and because it is a loose fit could just as easily View Post

Coffee at Ladurée

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A Macaroon is as French as the Eiffel Tower and as chic as ‘Chanel’ and what could be more delicious than almonds and sugar! Last summer I went to my first ‘Laudree‘ in Paris  and have been in love ever since. Here at ‘Ladurée‘ Burlington Arcade I am equally loving the whole experience of View Post

Ukulele SS16 Tea party


Ukulele is a brand I have been following, especially with summer around the corner. I got the chance this week to really check out their range when I attended their Tea Party in Charlotte street. In between endless cups of green tea I got View Post

My Louis Vuitton & an oversized Bomber jacket

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Louis Vuitton have been making beautiful handbags since the 1920’s and my idea of handbag heaven is a trip to their Bond street store. Normally its just to window shop but one day (on salary day) I couldn’t resist and had the added excitement of customising the detail of my ‘SPEEDY‘ handbag.  Not only have I added my initials but  have chosen View Post

Heart Breaker

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This edgy little jacket is not what I consider typical ‘Emma’ and stands rather alone and separate in my wardrobe. However there’s something about its quirkiness to class ratio that makes me View Post