The Grosvenor Hotel

ON2A1351-2ON2A1287-2ON2A1453-2ON2A1255-2ON2A0804-2Kensington Palace below, which was a short bus ride from the hotel. ON2A1504-2

Having just got back from exploring east London my eyes turned to the west and the chance of a mum and daughter shopping away day into town. Only a short train ride from my home is the super de-luxe Grosvenor hotel in Victoria. Here we dropped off our View Post

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch


Despite living in London since birth the idea of checking out different parts of the city and exploring them never fails to excite me. You may well find me packing a suitcase – like I am off on holiday – off to discover what else is out there.  View Post

NICCE dress


I’ve always been a sucker for a little black dress as they can be SO easily mixed and matched with different accessories/ looks/ styles etc. This style of dress can even be worn with a t-shirt underneath it and then a jacket over it to complete the look. I personally View Post


ON2A6346-211110If you like my eye make up in this photo, I am wearing xlash and urbandecay on my eyes. I am rather impressed with this eye make-up look if I do say so myself! 1214ON2A8154-2My little my walit bag also came everywhere with me around town and I find these sort of rucksacks so handy when I am traveling abroad – it is a great size for me to shove my camera and essentials in without having to feel like I am lugging something heavy around all day. 10 (1)12 (1)As for what I wore – I was really excited to dress all wintery and cozy for a change and the majority of my knitwear was from Primark as was my brown coat. They worked a treat in the colder climate and as my items were all recently bought they should still be in the Primark stores if you like them. 16

I was lucky enough last week to travel to Poland and explore the beautiful and magical city of Krakow. I love traveling to discover and here the parks, the streets, the buildings View Post

Ametis villa- Canggu

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The saying goes ‘saving the best till last’: and It sure did apply for my trip to Bali – the ‘best’ being the fabulous Ametis villa,

Located in the hip/boutique coastal area of Canggu, near Seminyak, Unimposing from the outside, as soon as I arrived, it was immediately obvious to me that this was not your average Balinese hotel. 

Arriving at the car park we were welcomed by a small, kind Indonesian man who accompanied us to the reception. Rather than a typical room set up you would normally find in most 5-star hotels, the retreat offers a collection of exclusive villa compounds designed with the highest standards of luxury and quality. 

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