kayumanis Spa


So who doesn’t love a spa day? Well, what about a spa day in the jungle?! I felt very fortunate as I got to spend an afternoon in this beautiful place and left feeling like a Zen master!  View Post

Sativa villas- Ubud


Ubud is probably my favorite part of Bali. Yes, it is a bit sparse in terms of bars and nightlife but it more than makes up for it with it’s beautiful scenery. Everywhere you look are the most beautiful rice fields surrounded by magical tropical jungle.  View Post

Hotel TUGU and JI restaurant

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I have now arrived in Changu as part of my tour of Bali. It’s exciting as I hadn’t been to this part of the island before. Straightaway the first thing you notice is how busy and lively it seems, all the bars appeared packed, which I gathered from walking past them (as opposed to actually checking them out myself).  View Post

Canang Sari Villas


One of the things I’ve loved most about my time in Bali is how all the places I have stayed in and visited have all been very different from each other. One day it has been beach View Post

Aleva villa with bunnies


After spending a week traveling around the Gili Islands returning to mainland Bali felt a bit like coming home. As nice as it was tanning and relaxing on these remote islands it was reassuring to come back to some civilization and I was delighted when on my first View Post